If, like us, you recognise good corporate governance as a true value-generating opportunity, rather than an annual box-ticking exercise, then we are interested in supporting you.

We offer experienced, strategic advice and bespoke solutions to help define, improve and operationalise your governance framework.

Perhaps you find yourself in challenging new territory, want to raise the bar on your governance practices, or need extra senior-level support to progress a governance project or corporate transaction. Some examples of the types of projects we undertake are below, but we consider any assignment where we can add our specialist know-how and experience to make lasting, valuable contributions to our client organisations.

IPO / Listing readiness

We can add specialist expertise to your transaction team and ensure your company’s governance health is plc-ready, ahead of listing on the LSE or AIM. This can include: support to structuring your Board and its Committees, preparing your corporate governance framework and terms of reference, Director appointment letters, corporate calendars and forward planners, Registry arrangements, and policies and procedures for inside information, related party transactions and conflicts of interest.

Governance code benchmarking

We can work with you to ascertain, and improve, levels of alignment with the corporate governance code applicable to your company, whether the UK Corporate Governance Code (applicable to UK premium-listed companies and voluntarily adopted by others), Quoted Companies Alliance (QCA) Code (often adopted by AIM-listed companies), the Wates Principles (for large privately-owned UK companies) or other applicable code.

Policies framework

Do your employees know what policies apply to them, where to find them and what is mandatory versus guidance? We can advise on the essential components that comprise an effective group policies framework, aligned to your corporate vision and values, and help you develop and implement this.

Board stakeholder engagement strategy

There is increasing scrutiny and disclosure requirements as to how Boards are considering the interests of stakeholders in their decision making. We can help you identify your stakeholder groups, and design methods to ensure your Board has appropriate levels and methods of engagement with each.

Delegated authorities

Getting delegated authorities right means balancing a company’s agility with its risk management. We can support you in refreshing your list of key decisions, and documenting levels of decision-making delegations, from matters reserved to the Board, to the executive team, senior management and below. We can also help you articulate the relationship between internal authorities and external-facing signing authorities of legal entity directors.

Group committee structures

Do you suffer from a ‘meetings culture’ and/or unclear accountabilities? For larger organisations, we can help to build an understanding, and a map, of where and how often matters are overseen, who is involved, and the inter-relationships between different forums. Then we can work with you to optimise this structure, ensuring each body understands its areas of responsibility and authority, and operates efficiently and effectively.

Inside Information

Listed companies in the UK (and Europe) must comply with the EU Market Abuse Regulation. This includes having appropriate and robust policies, processes and systems to manage inside (share price sensitive) information. This can be an area of weakness and uncertainty for many companies, yet comes with very serious consequences if not handled properly. We can provide simple but highly effective training, policies and structures that will allow decisions to be taken with confidence.

Directors’ duties (main Board and subsidiaries)

It is vitally important that the people appointed as directors understand their duties and how to discharge them. This includes appreciating and respecting the different roles within the Board’s composition. We are experienced in training directors on their responsibilities, designing policies on board composition and behaviours, and deploying practical tools and guidance that support a robust subsidiary governance model.

Board information and report templates

We can work with your Board, executive team and management to improve the quality of papers and presentations so that these meet the expectations of directors and convey all key information in a simple, easy to use and understandable format.

Meeting preparation and minute-taking

We can provide our Meetings Masterclass training, supported by tools and templates, to give less experienced meeting secretaries the confidence, preparation techniques and minute-writing skills they need to take charge of their forum and impress their Chair.