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Kamen GC is a specialist consultancy practice that focuses on delivering corporate governance improvement projects. Our mission is to bring enhanced, smart governance to our clients and increase value for them and their stakeholders.

We do this by working with Directors, General Counsel and Company Secretaries to identify areas for improvement in their companies’ governance structures and practices. We can then partner alongside the in-house teams to design and implement practical, cost effective and robust solutions.

As companies expand, take on more capital from different sources, and become subject to ever-increasing levels of regulation, it becomes more and more important for Boards and executive teams to be able to demonstrate responsible oversight and management of activities and risks.

Just staying on top of what the latest requirements are can be challenging and time consuming, even before analysing what action your company needs to take to meet them.

Companies that take the time to consider the effectiveness of the components that together make up their governance framework are likely to be better run, more efficient and more attractive to investors and other stakeholders.

We specialise in turning an increasingly complex landscape of rules, regulations and best practice guidance into practical, cost-effective solutions that work for your organisation.

Kamen GC offers tailored and pragmatic advice, tools and solutions to help you achieve your goals. Contact us for more details.